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Construction Software, Construction Software India, Construction Software Delhi
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ERP Software Solutions for Construction Management...

Since successful completion of large scale Construction is a teamwork consisting of Project Manager, Project Architect, Construction Engineer etc. For the successful completion of any project, effective planning along with modern technology & infrastructure is essential.

Our Construction management software ERP Enterprise Solution system offers a total co-ordination of all the key processes involved in construction companies involved in Building & construction management, Building Roads, Building Dams, Houses & Apartments as well as construction business operating from different locations and sites.

This Construction Management ERP Software manages almost all activities of an organization, be it Project Management, HR Model, Stock & Inventory, Daily Progress Report etc. It will enhance overall performance of the company by having complete control over the manpower, appropriate flow of records, managed costing, least chances of errors, organized accounting and reporting.

Construction Software, Construction Software India, Construction Software Delhi, Construction Management Software

Our Construction Management ERP Software Solution covers the following features…

Easy-To-Use User Interface
Any Report Can Be Exported To MS Excel, HTML, MS Word etc.
Click – n – Play Sort of Functionalities
Authorized/ Restricted Access for users
Full Fledged Search Module
Label Printing Utility
Secured Environment
Masters for All Repeating Objects/Components
Complete Project Management
Financial-Year wise Data Maintenance
Execute Query as per need and View Records
Letter Generation with Save Template
Around 100 Utility Reports
Any External Gadget, e.g. Finger Sensor, IVRS etc. Can Be Integrated
Detailed Features List
  Project Management
  • Land Acquisition Module
  • Contractor Entry (Company itself can be a contractor)
  • Managing Hot Mix Plant
  • Other Utility Reports
  • Required Masters
  • Architect Record Entry (Diff. Phases)
  • Govt. Clearances
  • Utilities Like Notes, Scheduler and Calculator
  Store & Inventory
  • Relevant Masters
  • Setting Up Levels (Min./Max./Re-order) For Item
  • Creating Requisition
  • Stock Adjustments
  • Stock Transfer
  • Receiving Material
  • Goods Issue
  • Utility Reports with Multiple Parameter Selection
  • Relevant Masters
  • Setting Up Different TDS Types
  • Entering Different Voucher Types
  • Cash Flow and Funds Flow
  • Checking Different Books, viz. Cash, Bank, Purchase, Journal, Day etc.
  • Utility Reports with Multiple Parameter Selection
  Asset Management
  • Masters for Insurance Company, Policy Type, Machine etc.
  • Maintaining Pollution Details
  • Recording Insurance Details of Machines
  • Maintaining Machines
  • Loan Payment of Machines
  • Taking Care of Shifting Machines
  • Feeding Details Regarding Running Machines
  • Other Relevant Reports
  Quality Control
  • Relevant Masters
  • Interfaces for Entering Different Internal Tests
  • Interfaces for Entering Different QC Tests
  • Relevant Reports
  Human Resource Module
  • Master for All Elements, viz. Media,
    Advertisement, Qualification etc.
  • Schedule Interview
  • Do Recruitment
  • Enter Applicant Details
  • Process Interview Result
  • Relevant Reports
  • Relevant Masters, eg. Loan Type,
    Holiday Details, Office Timing, Salary Structure etc.
  • Allocate Allowances/Deductions
  • Claim Travel Expenses
  • Maintaining relevant challans
    (Issued by A/C department)
  • Attendance Details
  • Leave Requisition and Allocation
  • Taking Care of EPF, ESI etc.
  • Configure Pay Scale
Vistors, Phone & Courier Management
Construction Software, Construction Software India Construction Software, Construction Software India, Construction Software Delhi
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